Thursday, March 5, 2009

Accepted the Referral!

Today we mailed in the acceptance! It should arrive tomorrow. We gave each other the "tiger" and said a prayer that all will go well. Without having the full medical information yet, we have to take another "leap of faith". When the complete medical evaluation is done and all looks fine, we will take a deep breath of relief. If there are any issues, we are not obligated to go through with it...but I don't like those options. We can't imagine choosing a different child...this one is ours! Today, our adoption doc said that he already decided if we don't take him, he will! Well, that speaks volumes! This process is emotional, nerve-wracking, exciting, scary...but most of! Tomorrow, we complete the immunizations for travel for our daughter. Then, we are ready for the journey to begin!

Hopefully, our dossier has landed in Ethiopia today or tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Official Referral!

We received our official referral on Thursday! We contacted the doctor and it looks like everything looks fine so far...just waiting on a little more info. as our boy is not at HH yet.