Monday, September 21, 2009

Letter From Birth Mom...

I have always been puzzled by adoptive moms feeling hurt by the fact that there is a birth mom still wanting contact with their own child...until now. As you know, Eli has a mother who is ill and could not care for him, nor offer him a future. A few weeks ago, Eli announced that he plans to someday go home to Ethiopia and see his mom. He would like to work hard to buy her a house. I felt a twinge of hurt that he wanted to leave, and maybe a bit of surprise because I thought he understood that she wouldn't be there. However, my heart melted at the idea that he wanted to do such a thing and still loved his mom and wasn't angry with her.

Yesterday, I found out that there is a letter on its way from Ethiopia from his mom. Again, I have this feeling of uncertainty. At the beginning, I felt like this would be a beautiful thing. Now, I am apprehensive. What is the letter about? Will it be a positive thing, or bring about sadness? We have made leaps and bounds in the almost 3months he has been with us, and I want to continue moving forward. On the other hand, as his birth mom, I would worry if he would ever receive this letter, wonder if he is forgetting me or even hates me. I know from a mother's standpoint that giving her only child up was a difficult and devastating choice. I feel like my role is to finish the upbringing of this little boy and give him the chance he deserves.

I hope that this letter will give him strength to move forward and reinforce that his mother loves him and supports him in this new life. For me, I have to remind myself that he spent 9 years learning from this amazing woman. He is an energetic, brave and happy little boy with an "infectious" smile and such a blessing to our family...and it's all a credit to her! I pray this letter will comfort him.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back To School and Other Things...

It has been busy since the first day of school. Eli started 4th grade and he loves his teacher! She tells us that the kids fight over who will be his science partner! They started him in a lower math and the specialist brought him right back to class saying he will do fine with his classmates. He is loving playing football at recess, painting, computers, bringing a home lunch and riding his bike every day to school!

I had back surgery and have had some recuperation time. Thank goodness my parents flew in from California to pick up the slack! Thanks, mom and dad! At the same time, they got to meet their third grandchild! Eli impressed them with his winning smile and engaging personality...and...wore them out!! He is a bundle of energy and loves to do EVERYTHING!! He is lovin' school and his first days.

Soccer started and he had a successful first game with 5 goals and one assist. We won 9-1!! He has a team full of athletic little guys that he is becoming buddies with. Everyone has been so accepting and one of the coaches took him to a college game, which he loved! We so enjoyed watching him on the field with his tricks, while stylin' with his colorful Ethiopian headband! This first day, he and a teammate were the team captains!

I think we are doing so great! He finally eats and loves pizza. It was one of those obstacles he was determined to overcome. He loved the word "pizza" and saw that every other child in America loves this food, especially his big brother! He kept trying to eat pizza till he could say, "I love pizza!"

He would like to learn a musical instrument. My good friend gave him a harmonica and he loves that! He will do anything!

Many more of Eli's buddies are home from Ethiopia...and just before the court closures. He has been on the phone welcoming some of them to America and we wish them all well in the transition of their new homes and families. I couldn't ask for a better start to the school year. Our oldest is looking at a career as an officer in the AF, following in his father's footsteps. Lauren has begun her senior year and is now applying to colleges. We are thankful for our many blessings and look forward to this new school year!