Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Every once in a while, I am reminded how much our little guy has endured with this transition and all in such a short time. It's the simplest things that we take for granted...

Everyday we check our teeth and remark upon their whiteness. Brushing our teeth is not a new thing, but doing it so often, is.

The other day he says, "In Etopia, I never see my teeth white."
"You didn't have white teeth?"
He responds, "I don't know...I never see."
Hmmm...."You had never seen your teeth in Ethiopia?"
"No, mom. I never see."
How is that, I wonder? "Do you mean you have never seen your face before?"
"No, Mom! I see my face," he laughs.
"Okay. Why haven't you ever seen your teeth then? I don't understand."
"I come to America and I see my teeth everyday. My teeth white!"
Now, I am confused.
"So, you saw your face, but never looked at your teeth?"
"Look, see. I see my face. I see my face in window." I am speechless.