Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here's Our Story...

Our son left for college this year and it was one of the hardest things for me to do...say "goodbye". He gave us the confidence to do it again! We loved his "boyhood" and can't believe it's over! Our daughter, a junior in high school, has been the driving force behind adoption. I used to torment my parents for a puppy, and then, for a younger sibling. It was only my brother and I, and I wanted a larger family. Now, it's my turn. With only two kids, I suddenly felt like it was all going to be over soon. Our daughter has tried on two other occasions to get us to adopt and each time, I put it aside. This time, she said she would be disappointed in us if we didn't follow through, and I thought "so would I."

We began this trek in October of 2008. I was on top of gathering the documents and finished by November. It took the Homestudy a while longer. In the meantime, we had second thoughts many, many times...but with time and money invested...we plugged along. I couldn't help wondering if we were too old, now 44 years and my husband at 51. He looks terrific! He is active and young at heart!

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