Monday, August 3, 2009

3 month Post Adoption review

Well, it's actually only been one month today that we have been home! Yet, the 3-month from court date is due and our social worker is on her way.

It feels a bit longer that we have been home with Eli. It feels like he has always been in our family! Dave and I are amazed at how he fits in and how he is adjusting. He is a smart, sensitive, respectful and obedient young man. He has come up with two full sentences this week and completely trusts us in everything. He helped Dave reconstruct the deck with great ability using a chisel and hammer. He cleaned his brother's land mine of a room. He taught himself how to skate board in ten minutes (maybe less)...

It's not all perfect...he tattles on everything his sister does, and is becoming addicted to the PS2. He has a tendency to pout when asked to get off the gaming station and do something else.

So far, it's not like anything we haven't already been through (except for Lauren, perhaps). He couldn't be luckier to have a more patient and kind big sis, but right now it's all about getting in good with big brother, I think.


  1. He sounds amazing! I can't believe the way the kiddos have a lack of fear and they possess an ability to try everything and do it well! Skateboarding, bike riding, and look at that toss in the air... WOW!

    Awesome on the full sentences.... I remember counting the words they put together and saying, "that was 5 words in a row" ....

    and you pose a very good question - no dairy but yes... interestingly enough they LOVE ice cream, pudding and chocolate milk - I call it 'the bad side of dairy' (b/c of the sugar) but in the news there was a report that kids were lacking in vit. D ----- so I guess it's ice cream for everyone!

  2. Great pic's! He sure looks happy.

  3. Biruktawit is looking at the pictures saying skateboard me me seriously me skateboard! Lol She really wants one.

  4. Wow, great action photo! Sounds like an All American normal kid to me!

  5. Such great pics! I especially like the one of the two of you together :) I didn't know the 3 month was required from the court date. Thanks for the heads-up.

  6. What a beautiful little boy you have ! I cant believe how well he is doing, that is just awesome. He sounds like a wonderful young man :)