Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three Months, Really?

I cannot believe Eli has been with us for over three months! We feel as though he has always been with our family. Have our lives changed so drastically? I would say "no". He has brought his intelligence and energy to our house...and keeps us moving! Just a little update...

He came running in the house one day trying to explain a favorite toy in Ethiopia. I tried to find something like it online, but had no success. My husband came home and understood exactly what he wanted! This is the same day I decided to give him the "letter". After reading this sad, but sweet letter from his mom, he wiped his tears when his dad produced this toy! Any other kids recognize this??

Soccer came to an end with 18 goals scored in 6 games! Wow! He was fun to watch! He made some very nice friends and had a blast with some awesome coaches. A great way to be introduced to soccer in America!

Lauren performed the fall play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with a special appearance by one little brother, Eli. I don't know how I let them talk me into this. I prefer to watch and not be backstage, but this took a little supervision. Eli played the part of the Queen fairy's "adopted" boy. He did awesome and stayed right in character! Theatre could be in his future??

Things haven't been all that smooth. This last weekend we spent 24 hours in the hospital with Eli. With all the activity, we tried to fit in a little ice skating. Eli has fairly mastered street hockey and is pretty confident on skates. We decided to take this to the rink and what should have been a casual day skating in circles, turned into craziness! He fell(hard!)on the ice, smacking the side of his face and head. We ended up in the emergency room after an ambulance ride. This is devastating to me. I am a seasoned parent that has never had an incident with my kids. The thought that a little boy can survive 9 years in a disease-ridden, poverty stricken country, where he tells us children are crippled falling off cliffs and large meat-eating birds circle overhead looking for a meal, can come to a suburb in Minnesota, participate in a little ice skating and end up in the hospital! I guess I learned this...wear a helmet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Welcome back to motherhood.


  1. Poor Eli! Hope his head is feeling better.. Biruktawit talks about birds that are bad guys in the sky, she must be talking about those meat eating birds.. Do they ever attack people? She said something about birds killing someone, but with her English it's still hard to understand what she's saying sometimes.

    What is that toy called? Where did your husband find it?

    Those pictures are really great! I'm glad he's doing so good.

  2. Oh no! not fun! I feel like that all the time- especially with our daredevils we have - don't know where they get that it isn't from me! Well...looks like the Midsummers' Night was wonderful from your pics.

  3. Ouch! poor kid (and mom too)!
    Yea, you better put a helmet on him, and some bubble wrap too -around his whole body!

  4. She did recognize it! I think she wants one.. How did he make it? She said she used to have one at Tarikwa's, and that she would run really straight with it.

  5. what a great post!! hope he's feeling better, how did the letter go?

  6. Poor fella! Don't feel bad though. After being comfortable with roller blades, I can see why you weren't worried about ice skating. We went ice skating last weekend too, and I didn't suggest a helmet either!