Wednesday, May 27, 2009

8 Days Away...

We are eight days away from our court date. When we started this process, that court date was everything...the final phase before travel. Now, it seems like just another milestone, a step in the right direction, yet, not homebase . Now, with the new TB testing, we will wait again. I feel like I won't be truly relieved until that test result is clear.

In the meantime, we are polishing up on our Amharic. (I think we have managed a few phrases). My friend Mona completes her schooling this Friday and says she will have all the time in the world to give us some language lessons. Good thing.

There have been some wonderful families willing to look up our little guy while at HH. They haven't had a whole lot of luck. He seems to be a bit of a mystery. No one has had a chance to really visit with him. I would love to know just one little he shy? energetic? happy? athletic? big, small, anything...

For now, we continue to ready his room, buy some clothing, pull out old toys and books, get some rest and wait...

For everyone else that just returned from Ethiopia and those going soon...thank you for being willing to help out and congratulations on your new addition!


  1. Tina,

    I will do my best to find your boy and get some answers to your questions! We still don't know if we will travel Saturday... So much uncertainty in all this! I will be so relieved when she is home!

  2. Hi Tina. Yes, court is one more hoop, but it's a big one! He'll officially be your boy after that :) I believe Julie will be giving updates on all the kiddos since she'll be there in June. But maybe you'll go to get him before she comes back. That would be awesome.

  3. send us a picture again, we'll find him! maybe since we have an older child we might see him, and yes we feel the same as you it's not over until the TB test, the good news is it seems none of these older kids have TB so you just might sit back and enjoy the day you pass court!