Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting Ready...

Today, we have finally decided to stop procrastinating and finish our little boy's room. A part of me feels it's pointless because I don't really think he will sleep there. It's our daughter's old room where she slept for 14 years! However, she was there from the beginning and the distance to mom and dad's room never mattered to her. Our room is located upstairs and two levels up. It could be a problem. Our daughter moved up there as well, just 2 years ago. The only other room on the same level as our little boy, would be our BIG boy's, who is mostly away at college...

Well, we have no choice, really, it will have to do. So we are taking the computer out and all of the storage. It's almost ready.

For my dear friends and family not familiar with the adoption process...I have some clarifications. I have had a lot of questions on the court date and realized that I didn't "get it" either at the beginning, middle and almost the end...

Our court date (June 4) is when the Ethiopian government reviews our file for approval. In many countries, they require the parents to be present for this part. We can stay put until we are given the results. If we pass, we are issued a travel date approximately 2-4 weeks later. As I mentioned earlier, there are some things that could hold us up, but we aren't going to entertain those thoughts...ha,ha

Then, we will travel to pick him up and that will be a 5-day stay in-country! Although we would cherish a longer stay and tour, we understand that this time around may not be the best time.

To answer a few other questions:

~Will he speak English? I don't think much. He hasn't been at HH very long.
~Will he start school in the fall? Only if he speaks enough English. I may try Homeschooling for the first time!
~How will you communicate with him? Besides books and computer help, my friend Mona??
~What about his mommy? I am anticipating a lot of sadness...I get it. We hope to meet her and she will always be very special to us.


  1. We are just waiting for the test results. Christy said we will be traveling for the June 1st embassy appointment, but not to buy the tickets till we hear the results of the TB test.

  2. Hi Tina. I have a language resource to recommend. It's called "Simple Language for Adoptive Families-Amharic." It's by Amy Kenall. We bought ours on Amazon. It has phonetic pronounciations and a CD covering the most common things you talk about in a family setting. We've learned a few words and phrases, but I think we'll play him the CD a lot when we want to say a particular thing :)

  3. praying for you guys and your court date and that lovely TB test, this is stressful!!