Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Update

I haven't had much to talk about lately. I was waiting for any update on our little guy. Well, today I received some new photos...none of which I am allowed to post, unfortunately. They were so adorable and answered some of our questions. "Does he know about us yet?" Well, he is pictured looking through the photo album we sent introducing ourselves. He is also wearing a Spiderman shirt we sent and holding the birthday gift we sent him! He looks happy and very content! We can't ask for more than that!

We realized that he is smaller than anticipated. The shirt we sent was an "Underoo", size 7/8, and we expected it to be tight-fitting. Instead, it is kinda long and a bit baggy! Oops! Hmmm...I'm thinking the other clothes we got him are going to be enormous! The great thing is, he can only grow UP!

Seeing our things all the way over there seems quite remarkable. It makes this entire event very real, a bit scary and tremendously exciting!

I am praying for all the upcoming court and travel dates! Hope to join in soon!


  1. That's great news! That is so cool you got a picture with your son and all the stuff you sent him. I have been wondering if our B has gotten the things we sent her. Since she's only been at HH for 2 weeks, and we sent everything back in Feb.. What if it all got lost.. I have to stop thinking that way. I bet he loves the spiderman shirt! They won't be able to get him to change his clothes for a long time! LOL.

  2. That is so awesome! It sure does make it seem more real, I agree. (If you want to email me a pic or two, I'd love to see your boy.)