Friday, June 5, 2009

Hangin' In There!

Thank you to everyone that has been calling, texting and checking in. The support we have had has been amazing! Unfortunately, the only update we have received so far, is that there is no update...Our caseworker sent everyone an email saying that with the weekend, it could go into next week before we hear anything.

On a positive side, families with court the day before us, heard today that they had passed. Congratulations to them! Also, some of the families that were traveling this last week to pick up their children, are returning this weekend. They may have some news on our little boy!? I am hopeful!

We are hangin' in there!

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  1. To help put your mind at rest - you can't worry about it. AGCI offices are closing soon and so if you don't hear by close of day (4pm Pacific time?) then JUST RELAX and ENJOY your weekend - pick up your "worrying" (Let's call it constantly thinking about it, not worry) Monday at 9:30 - Pacific time of course!