Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our new baby (who is 9 years old)

I just wanted to update a little...after getting the wonderful news that we passed court, I have totally relaxed. Yet, there is still more to come...we had hoped the agency would call us with our travel date and clothing sizes. We are still waiting. While waiting, the world still goes 'round...some of the families in our agency didn't get such great news and my heart breaks for them. This adoption journey has definitely had its ups and downs. I feel selfish thinking that I want a travel date or a shirt size, when others haven't been able to travel or pass court. Forgive me.

In the meantime, so many of our friends have offered to give us a shower! I feel silly accepting this kind of help since we are not new to parenting...just haven't had a little one around in a while. We are truly blessed to have such supportive friends. We don't live near family, so these friends are our family.

Bereket is truly a celebrity here and people are anxious to meet him! I haven't been allowed to post pics of him prior to the legal adoption, and to be honest, I am not sure if I can now?? But, this last one taken by a sweet, agency family is so stinkin' cute, I can't help myself. If it disappears...I got in trouble!


  1. oh i love it, so happy for you! that is a wonderful photo, congrats! listen you deserve a shower this adoption stuff is worse than labor

  2. Tara is SO right. I thought adoption would be a way to avoid pain...

    You are blessed to have supportive friends around you. And I'm sure allowing them to give you a shower will be a blessing to THEM.

    Cute picture! Is that the shirt you sent him?

  3. Hi! I am on the AGCI listserv and have never seen your blog! Where have I been?! Congratulations on your son! He is so handsome and cute! I will pray hard that even though he had a reaction to the TB skin test that his lung x-ray is clear and that he is on his way home to you all sooooooon! I pray that the joy that he must have in his heart imagining his amazing future that is full of possibilities holds strong and true for him while he waits.


  4. SO glad to get to read along in your journey! And what a beautiful son you have..... we're eagerly watching to see your story unfold.
    Tague and Lisa