Monday, June 22, 2009

Travel In 4 days!

We are leaving for Addis this Friday! I am just putting together all the donations, meds, clothing, food...and organizing and reorganizing...thank you everyone!

Lauren and I are planning for a week of no make-up and no hair...we are going to spend the week as true beauties! Hope Bereket isn't scared away!(well, he always has his daddy!). My main focus is lots of snacks and entertainment stuff for our little man (maybe some snacks for the big man too) and the 22-hour flight home!

The day after we return, our country will celebrate Bereket's homecoming with a huge firework display!(well, it might coincide with our annual Independence Day celebration, but that's a minor detail). We will be taking lots of pictures of the look on his face when he hears his first explosion!

Lauren is on a mission to catch every moment of this trip and is creating a documentary for her high school. She works on the school cable network and will film, edit and produce a story about her little brother's adoption and transition.

She is also manager on the Varsity Boy's Soccer team, in which Bereket has been invited to sit on the bench and assist with practices. I believe he will get a matching team jacket! (maybe he can show them a few tricks??)

Lauren also coaches at the summer drama camp for kids and is anticipating he will come along and meet some friends. It's a good thing we got her this wonderful gift for her 17th birthday! much for the "cocooning" idea. (that's a term used to recommend we keep him on the "low-down" during his transition). We will try, but this is a busy household and Bereket may be left with only one choice..."join in!"

Time to scoot...I have some serious packing to do! Wait...did I mention he wanted to be a pilot? Sooo cute!!


  1. Have loads of fun!!! Take it all in, and just enjoy the moments! Praying for a smooth transition!

  2. he's going to love life with you guys, sounds like a blast, enjoy your trip and meeting your son, we will be praying

  3. Tina,

    I'm so excited for you and your travels! Have fun make-up free! Kiss all the babies for me! I'm praying for safety and excellent bonding!
    Kim Hull

  4. I am so glad you stopped in my blog. You didn't mention if you were with AGCI or not but I'm thinking you just have to be cause I just spent 3 days with your son. It has to be the same boy at Hannah's Hope. He is just so sweet and cute. I have some cute pics of him too. Send me your email. I am thrilled to death to hear of people adopting the older kids. my experience with our son has been wonderful. I brought home pics of some of the older kids who have not been picked yet to advocate for them. Do you have other kids? If it is him then let me know your email.
    Thanks for stopping in and have an amazing trip.