Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dossier off! Again...

I just mailed our new dossier today to replace the stolen one. If you have the choice, you may want to ask your HS person if you can leave off SS#'s in your HomeStudy. That's not a good thing to have floating around. I hope we can get back on track for a court date. I would assume we are looking at another 2-4 weeks of authentication and the final translation before we can be submitted for dates. Wow, that's sad for me. I read on someone's blog that the courts may be adding a third judge. If that's true, that is a blessing.

Everyone is getting news about their children from our caseworker's visit and it all sounds so exciting! It would be a relief and my heart would swell knowing that a little one across the world knows about us and is getting excited to start a new life! Bless all those children and their new families.

We still wait to hear anything on our little boy. It has actually been three months and no update. It makes me a little nervous when I think about it like that. I would be content if he were in the care of HH, but his mommy has obviously taken great care of him so far. Our situation is definitely unusual, I think. I trust in AGCI and hope to get some news real soon.


  1. We are still waiting for an update on our little girl. We don't know if she's at HH either. We were told she would be moved there when we signed the referral acceptance, then we were told they didn't know if she made it there yet, but she would for sure when they got our dossier. I e-mailed Christy last week to see if she was at HH, but still no reply or update. It's been rough! I'm sure they are fine though. My human mind doesn't know how to relax. As soon as I think I am calm and will be able to handle the wait, I panic again! I'll be praying for our kids, that wherever they are, the Lord will be watching over them.

  2. You really got your dossier done quickly. That's awesome (and fueled by mommy-love!) I hope you get an update very soon.

  3. Hi Tina! Thanks for saying, HI, I read your blog, i can't believe all the extra work, yikes, I hate that, I pray that you and your son will be together soon, Tara