Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day..

Today's news was not great. It started out on a positive note. A while ago, my husband met a darling Ethiopian girl working at the airport. She has been trying to bring her nieces and mother to America, but is unable to bring all of them together. She is afraid the children will be left behind. Today, I offered to go with her to immigration and see if I can help her understand how it all works. As usual, we received standard answers that didn't help.

Next, my husband called with an unfortunate incident. We have been so excited for news from our caseworker about her trip to Ethiopia and to see if our boy has yet arrived at HH. Apparently, our entire dossier was stolen and we have to very quickly start over! I am trying to be understanding and calm. As the day wears on, I am beginning to stress about what it all means as far as court dates, travel, etc. I was sorta expecting a court date, to be honest.

Next, my dear friend lost her father and I was pulled over by a state trooper for speeding! It was a full day, but on a high note...our son is home from college for Easter and we are just going to enjoy it.

I will have to hit the road running early Good Friday...lots of papers to notarize and forms to drop off! Tomorrow is another day...


  1. Oh no! That is terrible! Who would steal a dossier? I'm so sorry you have to do it over. I pray God will cover you with his peace today.

  2. And I thought I had a bad day yesterday... I will be praying for you! I can't believe your dossier was stolen! That's just awful..