Monday, April 20, 2009

Good News Monday!

I feel like I am taking baby steps in this process, but it's progression nonetheless! I just received a call from our caseworker. Our little boy has finally moved in to HH! She says he is very excited to be there and is settling in! Maybe this isn't all that exciting for some, but for me, it means that he is under the watchful care of the staff at HH and to anyone who knows of this place, that is a blessed thing.

I am so grateful that the staff at AGCI has been so helpful in getting us back on track as quickly as possible. We are in great hands!


  1. This is exciting news. My son just told me that they never said, "hungry" at Almaz Children... (that's what they call HH - sounds like All God's Children, but you know, ALMAZ - THE - AMAZING is the director! So it's Almaz Children.)

  2. Isn't AGCI great! I got a call from Christy and B will be at HH this week also. I feel so relieved just knowing she will be there, and the relief will be even greater when I hear she is there.. It's so good to be able to trust people that are so far away!