Monday, April 20, 2009

My Eyes Have Been Opened

This adoption process has opened my eyes to a whole new world! Before September of last year, I thought people only adopted from Russia, Guatemala, China and Korea. I had never really known anything about Ethiopia. Being an American born Puerto Rican/Japanese and having spent my childhood from one side of the world to the next,I thought I was pretty exposed to different cultures. This journey has opened up my world!

Since September'08, I knew nothing of Ethiopia, its culture, Africa, adoption and on and on...Almost every time my husband flies, he finds himself meeting people who relate to our journey in some way. A few weeks ago, he ran into an old friend who just returned from Uganda with two adopted babies. His babies had been left on the road, dying of malaria. He and his wife brought them to Minnesota!

Next, my husband meets my new friend Mona, who moved from Addis over 6 years ago and who will be my saving grace in our transition of our little boy. She tells me she lives in an entire neighborhood of Ethiopian people (less than 10 minutes away)and I have already had lunch with her in her neighborhood restaurant! Yes, I have eaten injera and wat. I love ethnic food of all kinds. Wasn't too crazy about the injera (wet, spongy, bread), but the wat we had (ours was lamb) was awesome! The people were so nice, and I was reminded that Ethiopians shake hands by touching the back of their closed hands together. I wonder if that is because they eat with their hands? I thought it was cute that before we started to eat, Mona said "Shall we wash?" Now, I know why.

Today, my husband flies with a beautiful Ethiopian flight attendant from Addis Ababa! He found out she is a Wisconsin grad and Badger fan, and like every Wisconsin Alumni, forever dreams to do it all over again. Our son is just now building some of those memories...ones I may never want to know about...

We have made it our goal to each learn 5 Amharic phrases and teach them to each other. This way we will each know at least 15 phrases, which is better than none. Mona volunteered to be our go-between and teach me to make Ethiopian food. Otherwise, she says she will have us to dinner! What a blessing.

I have always thought that parenting was an adventure, but this is going to be a ride!

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  1. How awesome that you've got those connections. What a blessing :)