Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We continue to wait...

So it has been over a month since we accepted the referral. To date, we have no knowledge as to whether our little guy is at HH or not. Our caseworker made a trip to Ethiopia last week and returned to work yesterday. I'm pretty sure we are not the only ones holding our breath for her to call and give us updates. I hate to bug her...but the anticipation is killing me! Our friends admit they are afraid to ask how things are going because they don't want me to get frustrated with the reminder that we sit in limbo.

We also wait for news about Homeland Security. Our application went in mid January, and so we wait for that approval...looking for a letter...something.

We sent a package and photo album to our little guy. Hopefully, our caseworker took it with her. It will be his birthday in 2 days and we sent him a very cool Spiderman transformer type-thingy...a type of toy I haven't seen in our home for a good 10 years!

Grandpa (my dad) has been practicing some online Amharic and learning about Ethiopia. Isn't that cute? It took a while for them to accept this adoption idea, but I think they are getting pretty excited now! He says he will be the best grandpa he can be to his new grandson. So cute!

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