Saturday, July 11, 2009

Counting Our Blessings

We had another good day today! We all went to support daddy in the LifeTime Fitness Triathalon where he finished the Olympic distance in 2hrs, 39min! See? I told him he was still young enough to adopt! It was fun to take Eli to cheer him on since he is so obsessed with biking! Dave would love to have a fellow Tri partner! He sat on his big brother's shoulders and cheered with his "Go Daddy!" sign.

He played air hockey for the first time with a friend, and loved it! He pretty much loves everything. We are being careful about making sure he sleeps enough so he doesn't get overtired. Lauren came down with a fever, so the next thing will be to keep him healthy. It'll be a challenge since he keeps running in her room to give her hugs. I keep trying to explain that she is sick. This communication thing needs to go a bit faster!

We also found out that although he seems to like most foods, he doesn't like pizza. Dave and I introduce foods by putting them in front of him and trying not to make eye contact. It seems he looks at us to decide if he should eat it. If we look at him, he says no. If we don't look at him, he smells it, nibbles it and usually eats it. A friend asked how different we feel with this new addition. I don't know that our lives have drastically changed really. We are just way more entertained!


  1. I've heard that a lot of the kids don't like pizza! Interesting, since it's a favorite here. I guess it's all about what you're used to.

  2. Biruktawit won't eat pizza either! Glad things are going good for you. I told B she had to sleep in her own room last night and she cried for 2 hours.. What a night! She kept sleeping on my floor but I'm worried I'll accidently step on her, so I said she needed to go back to her room. Hopefully tonight will be easier. Oh and she said to tell prince Bereket Hi!