Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things I Have Learned So Far...

Here's a link to purchase this adorable "kiddie" DVD that my 9-yr-old loves!

There is a demo and is subtitled in English!

Next, don't be surprised if your older child has seen some American films that may not have been sensored. We have seen "Van Damme" (we never have seen it ourselves) and many Jackie Chan movies. He learned a few key phrases like "Oh, #@$&! from some of those fine American films, so therefore thinks it is ok.

Food likes: scrambled eggs, fried egg (fully cooked) on toast (to make a sandwich), any steak cut up like you see in Ethiopia (called "tibs"), milk, chocolate, kid's cereal (like Cocoa Puffs), peanut butter, any chicken (called "doro"), Sprite and Coke (they know very well), pork (if you don't tell them), fish...

Karate is a favorite for kids in Ethiopia, besides soccer. Some may even be proficient on the Playstation (which sounded like "police station" the first time I heard it). I believe our guy has played the PS2 soccer game more than our son has! He whipped him!

Riding a bike is a dream. Counting how many televisions and the size of them, a fascination and negotiating bedtime is like every other child. I tried this one the other day..."when you sleep, you get very your brother!" It kinda worked. He then asked if he slept and got tall, if that meant he could drive...ha,ha.

Good luck! I will keep passing on the info...


  1. so happy things are going so well, love all the info, thanks!

  2. yea, I was surprised at the movies our guy was exposed to!

    I keep showing him the 'G' on the back of the DVD box. Typical 11 yr old!

    I don't want them being exposed to the news...I know I have control issues, but I don't think they have a good 'filter' yet. They've witnessed so much - heavy sigh!

  3. So exciting to hear how well Eli has adjusted to your home already. Praise God!

  4. We live in Gresham Oregon, Right out of Portland. It doesn't usually get this hot but this year we've had some crazy weather!

  5. I didn't realize you were changing his name to Eli. I love it. I am delighted to read he is doing so well. He is so blessed and such a blessing.