Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teaching new tricks...

Before meeting Eli, my description to others went like this: He may not know how to tie his shoes, use a fork, flush a toilet, use a lightswitch...he may not be used to the noise of traffic, ride in a car, eat our food, watching television, sleeping alone...we may also have to teach him his ABC's and 123"s...

Here's the truth...
~he already knew... how to tie his shoes
~do a cartwheel
~a handstand, better yet, a headstand
~write in English about mountains and valleys in Social Studies class
~multiplication and division
~Michael Jackson
~to read the word "pharmacy" on the Walgreens sign
~that the dancers on "Thriller" were wearing masks
~his left and his right
~that he would probably never eat injera(Ethiopia bread staple)again and was ok with it!
~how to blow bird sounds through his fists
~brush his teeth
~play a better game than tic,tac,toe
~eat with a fork and cut with a knife!
~take care of a baby
~many, many soccer tricks...like juggling?
~put a match out in his mouth!
~sleep alone and through the night
~makes his bed...every day
~folds his clothes
~loads my groceries on and off the cart
~helps me not to lose at Old Maid...ME!

Things we have been able to teach him...

~ride a bike
~put the toilet seat up
~work the remote control?

Still trying to earn some parenting stripes...


  1. Wow! This is incredible! He is so smart! Kids are so amazing. You've already earned your stripes in my book :)

  2. yeah, so I guess your job is to love him with all your heart! They make it so easy to do it.
    (Put a match out with his mouth.... ahemmm.)