Friday, July 10, 2009

One Week Home!

Riding on a Motorcycle

Watching TV

Riding a Bike

Playing on the Computer

Loving Being in America!

I can't believe we have been home one week today! After a meltdown and a 17-hour sleep marathon, we are much happier! Yesterday, I contacted one of our traveling companions so that he could chat with their new older child. She was also having a bad day so maybe it was good timing. On our end, he left the conversation with a huge smile and was chatty all day (although we didn't understand him).

We are finding inventive ways to communicate. He picked out a new red shirt and asked "shirt tomorrow?" so that he could wear it again. I understood that! My son had sprayed a little cologne on his shirt before we took Lauren out for her birthday. I think he wanted to smell it for another day. We went to Mongolian BBQ and he got to bang on the gong with a tip! He laughed at that. I made his food a bit spicy and added some curry. He polished it off and went back for seconds. The food part hasn't been too challenging. I have had a back-up of injera and wat on days when he doesn't like what we have. For the most part, if I cook meats with garlic and onions, he eats it. We love stuff like that too!

Today, he went with daddy to check out bikes at the triathalon expo in downtown Minneapolis. Dave has a race tomorrow and Eli is going to love it! He is so fascinated with bikes and helmets (and he wears riding gloves). His other new addiction is Tom and Jerry cartoons. We found a classic collection and now everyone is addicted!

Eventhough he is nearly 10 years old, I found that an occasional nap does wonders for his attitude! I wonder if there was "rest time" at HH? Thanks to all our fellow bloggers that post pics. It was great therapy to look at those yesterday where he could see some of his friends happy and thriving. I also showed him pictures of families waiting to pick up his best buddies at HH.


  1. sounds like a pefect life for him and you, a match made in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great pictures! Looks like he is having a good time with his family! Biruktawit was so excited when she saw this post!

  3. I do believe the children had a rest time at HH. One day my 5 yr old told my 11 yr old 'something'. When I asked for a translation - this was very early on, all I got out of the translation was 'rest time'. She was just laying on the couch with her feet on the back of the couch in the air, just hanging out.

    My Ethiopians are good sleepers - about 10 to 11 hours every night!

    Enjoy your time getting to know one another!

  4. Praise God for those small things that connect us all together. Glad to hear he is doing better. Love his smile and that he is HOME!!! Praise God for that!