Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Food Thing...

Everyone keeps asking how the food thing is going. I mentioned that pizza was not a huge hit, but neither are hamburgers. He looked at the meat and said "no meat. Ethiopia no meat." Yet, he eats meat all the time! I think it was the formed patty meat that looked a little weird. He has eaten sausage, bacon, steak, chicken, salmon, ground beef, hot dogs...

He polished off his mongolian BBQ stir-fry dish. We added curry and lots of garlic. He has eaten everything I have made except Japanese food. He loves grilled meats with onions, garlic and peppers, but then that is similiar to "tibs" in Ethiopia. He jokingly looked at a package of tortillas in the store and said, "injera". I said. "yes! American injera!" ha,ha...but then I served it for lunch with beans and rolled up the tortillas like injera and we all ate it together calling it injera. He laughed and polished that off too!

We have heard the kids love eggs. He eats scrambled eggs almost every morning, following a bowl of Reeses Puffs. He also loves anything pasta. As far as fast food goes, the only thing we have had success on is Chipotle steak tacos and a Pot Belly meatball sub. I think we are doing pretty good!

My rule of thumb for cooking is lots of garlic, onions and red pepper flakes or hot sauce! It works for us!

Today, we baked blueberry muffins and he told me that he and the other older kids at
HH baked banana bread at Almaz' house! That Almaz! What an amazing woman! As if she isn't already running a children's home.

Are we having fun yet? Uh, yea! We sure are!! I LOVE this boy! (well, he may have done my dishes tonight too..)


  1. great! Take in all those blessings! Sounds like he is doing wonderful. So great to hear!!!

  2. Just heard today about a child who is having a very hard time with "the food thing." You are very lucky! Their tastebuds are as unique as their personalities! I hope T is on the less picky side, like Eli.

  3. Just catching up on my blog reading this morning and am so happy for you guys! Exciting times! Love the pictures too :-)
    Lisa Harding

  4. oh i am so very happy for all of you what an wonderful blessing!!!!!!!!!! i love reading your story

  5. My son had an aversion to ground beef and pizza when he came home too. He'd eat around the hamburger meat in casseroles and spaghetti and refused to eat hamburgers/cheeseburgers turning his mose up at the site of the beef. After a couple of months he started eating everything I fed him. Now he lists cheeseburgers and pizza among his favorite foods.

  6. Your son is so adorable. What a blessing! Congratulations!!