Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Days in Ethiopia

After three days, we are recuperating well. We flew home with Julie and I kept reminding myself that she was there for a month! We managed to stay healthy and never got sick. Maybe just a little...when we were all crammed in a bus for the hour long trek to the embassy appointment while smelling the diesel from the many vehicles on the road! I can't believe we are back and the long wait is over.

We took lots of pics, but many of which are of the children, which we can't post. Here are a few from the hotel and at HH...

Here is Lauren with her new baby brother, Elias Bereket "Eli"

This is our first meeting with Elias. He looks a little uncertain...

Oh, you've seen these guys before...they are as important to some of these little guys as the special moms are.

Eli with Almaz. She is one incredible woman! I can't imagine doing all that she does at HH and for the families.

We brought some punching balloons for the kids. They LOVED them!

Lauren with Eli in the hotel. This is the toy we sent in his care package back in April!

This is Danny the "guide". Lauren wanted to bring him home too.

Great to be with our little man finally!


  1. Great pictures! Biruktawit doesn't believe me that his name is Eli. Lol! I'm glad you all are doing well. There's nothing like being home together! Congratulations!

  2. Welcome Home..He's adorable!! kristi

  3. WELCOME HOME! Beautiful pictures!
    Isn't it amazing how long and hard the wait is and then in a flash you're on the other side of it!
    God Bless your family - and Lauren for her inspiration for adoption. She certainly is a daughter if God!

  4. Hey there! So great to see photos of the four of you. Yikealo was very excited to see Bereket on our computer this morning! Hope everything is going just great for your family - it was really a pleasure to spend a bit of time with you last week!

    The Maibachs

  5. These are such great pictures :) You guys are beautiful together!

  6. Congratulations! I've heard great things about your son from JB & Carla.

  7. welcome home again, love the photos!!!!!

  8. WELCOME HOME!!! So happy to see the pics! Oh praise God for so many blessings!!!! How beautiful to see your family pics!